Ann’s First Ever Blog

Ten years ago, I was cajoled into taking entrance money at the Red Barn and this year for the tenth time on the last weekend in September, I will be at Cocks Moors Wood doing the same job.

In those years I have met so many enthusiastic drummers, drum makers, famous drummers and also would be ones as well both professional and amateur also every year new ones as our fame has spread.

About six years ago I was asked to join the committee, what a privilege when ten years before drums were a complete mystery, just something that got hit and bashed. I did not even realised they had dots for drummers!

Two and a half years ago, because of illness, I took over the Stall Managers job and this is really what my blog is about. Some stallholders have been with us all of ten years, others have joined over the years. Already, this year we have three new stallholders joining our Drum Fair in September. And I believe it is this great variety of stalls that makes our Drum Fair so great and has kept the buzz going over the years.

As the stall holders forms are going out I would like to thank all our stallholders, past, present and future, for their participation over the years with out you there the Drum Fair would not exist.
Your support has been fantastic and it feels like we meet old friends every September.

This is our tenth anniversary year so please support us once again and you will make it so special for us.