NDF Constitution

The Purpose and Aims of the National Drum Fair


The NDF was founded by a group of drummers for the purpose of organising and promoting a drum event at which drums, accessories, equipment and drumming skills/techniques could be displayed, traded and promoted. A committee of interested parties all unpaid volunteers was formed and the first NDF was held in September 2002.


The National drum fair is currently an annual event organised, promoted by drummers for drummers to provide an opportunity for the display, promotion, trading of drums, associated products/items and drumming skills to be available to the drummers and potential drummers of the U.K and beyond. It is a non profit organisation and seeks to be self-funding.


Since its inception the management of the NDF has been undertaken by interested, volunteer, enthusiasts all of whom receive no remuneration or share any profit generated by NDF activities.

The NDF committee and its officers have since its inception been formed by volunteered services or by invitation from existing members.
Meetings of the management will be held as required and when appropriate to :
Elect officers and committee members
Approve and agree expenditure and transactions to promote events
Plan and agree action for future events
Approve any amendments to the NDF constitution in order to approve and transact issues associated with NDF activities, and in pursuit of its aims, a quorum ( minimum of 3 elected officers/ committee members ) will need to be present at any given meeting.

Election of officers and management committee members.

Following every NDF annual event, at a meeting held to review its success, there will follow a formal election of officers and management committee members for the purpose of delivering the next event. Such a meeting (AGM) should take place no later than 56 days after each event. Additional members can be co-opted to the NDF management committee at any time subject to the agreement of the committee.

Financial Control

The Treasurer will be required to maintain adequate budgetary control and management of the NDF finances, producing appropriate reports and accounts upon the events financial position. The NDF’s bank account s will be controlled by any two of three signatories – treasurer, secretary and a committee member.

The NDF’s principle financial aim is to ensure it receives adequate income to cover its liabilities and the expenditure incurred in promoting its annual event and ensuring the provision of financial resources to fund future events.

Individual members of the NDF management committee will not receive any personal remuneration for their membership other than for contracted services approved by the committee and the reimbursement of approved personal expenditure nor will they be entitled to any share of funds held by the NDF.

Any surplus funds or the distribution of funds upon cessation of the function of the NDF, will be donated at the discretion of the management committee to a charitable cause or individuals in a manner that will promote the concept of the delivery or promotion of drumming as an art form.

Constitution Amendments

Amendments and additions to this document can be made at any time subject to the provision of a formal proposition from a committee member receiving the approval of the committee. Any revision will be documented and circulated by the Secretary.

This constitution document was adopted and approved by the Management Committee at a meeting held on the 28th October 2004.