New Vintage Drum Show

With all the new drum shows that are taking place, the NDF are most excited about a new vintage show happening Saturday 30th Sept till Sunday 1st Oct in Coventry. The Simon John’s Vintage Drum Show will be one of the stand alone vintage drum shows in Europe and a haven for vintage lovers. Make sure you get yourselves there.



UK National Drum Fair 2016

It is with much regret and disappointment that the NDF committee has to announce that the proposed drum show 2016 to be held at the MK Arena, Milton Keynes will not take place due to circumstances completely beyond our control.

Future Publishing, who own Rhythm Magazine, have in the past month bought out Blaze Publishing company who owned Drummer magazine along with the London Drum Show. As a result of this the staff at both Rhythm and Drummer were only notified after the takeover.

Rhythm were going to be in partnership with the new proposed show at the MK Arena, but now Future Publishing has told Rhythm that they have to get behind and promote the London Drum show which in turn means for the NDF to continue with a show at the MK Arena would be untenable.

The NDF has worked extremely hard over the last 12 months, alongside Torn and Frayed Ltd and drumBEAT UK on behalf of  The Brain Tumour Charity, to create a landmark event encompassing new custom and vintage drums to cater for the whole drumming community. Sadly not everyone has the same vision.

It is with regret that for the foreseeable future the NDF will not be operating in the capacity to run a new show.

The past and present members of the NDF committee would like to thank you all for your loyal support.